Embarrassing Screenshots


Unless you’ve obtained a copy of the extremely rare and out of print hardcover version of this website, I’m guessing you’re reading this on a computer. And as a fellow computer user, I’m pretty confident in saying that you do some pretty sick shit on that computer when you think no-one is looking. You probably thank God we don’t live in a nightmarish vision of the future where our most embarrassing moments are documented in a secret government screenshot database. Or do we?

Follow me down the rabbit hole…

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Lowest Common Denominator

In a bid to increase traffic here the editorial team has decided to start including adult content. We hope that long-time readers will follow us through this transition.

We’ve also gone ahead and joined a popular ad banner service to help cover the increased server costs from all the extra traffic we expect to get.

If you’re younger than 18, or allergic to trace amounts of adult situations, please leave now.

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Last Minute Valentines Day Cards & Gifts

When buying a Valentines Day Card, the question you have to ask yourself is: Do I want to have sex tonight, or do I want to have mega-sex tonight?

Did you answer ‘mega-sex?’ Then feast your eyes on these bad boys.

Simply print out the one(s) you want, paste them onto some construction paper or stiff cardboard and present to your ladyfriend of choice. Nothing says “Thriftiness” and “Look! I didn’t forget this year!” like a home-made Valentines Day card.

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Japanese Movie Posters for Die Hard

A couple cute jokes about Japanese translations of English movies. Normally I’m above stuff like this, because making fun of the Japanese is a little like shooting fish in a barrel. Except instead of fish, you’re shooting a perverted businessman, and instead of shooting him in a barrel you’re shooting him beside a vending machine that sells schoolgirls used panties.

Actually, now that I think about it, I guess I’m not above stuff like this. Huh.


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