Format Wars HD-DVD vs Blu-Ray


I was out of town most of the last week, so I didn’t mention it here when it got posted, but there was a piece of mine up on the main Cracked page called Format Wars: CRACKED looks at the NextGen DVD Players.

It’s about as stupid as you think it’d be.

In other news, I’m currently working on exciting new material for Cracked magazine proper, and look for fresh stuff on the blog in a day or two.

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The Seagull School Of Management

So I was having some drinks with friends the other day and was explaining to them how I was going to be out of town intermittently over the next month or so. My job is requiring me to travel across the province as part of a team from our head office, where we will effectively be auditing the work of our people in the field. I personally would be checking whether they were completing various tasks properly – tasks ranging from filling in paperwork to filling in other, less important paperwork. Fairly dry stuff really. Nevertheless, it is a somewhat adversarial position, as I will be telling people how they’re not doing their jobs. After hearing this, my friend Dan thought for a moment, then said:

“So it’s the Seagull School of Management.”

“Yeah, it’s the, uh… what?”

“The Seagull School of Management. You fly in, shit all over everything, then fly out.”


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One Side Of A Phone Call With A Friend Lost In The Suburbs



Hey, what’s up?

Ha! Seriously? Lost where?

You know all the streets out there are on a grid right? So long as you know which way is north, it’s impossible to get lost.

You don’t know which way is north. Ok fine. You’ve got a sextant right?

Check the trunk. No I’m serious. A lot of older cars have them.

Ok fine. Now listen carefully, because this is very important. I want you to slow down and look at a tree. Right, which side of it is the moss growing?

There’s no moss? Where are you, Mordor? Then it’s already too late my friend.

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