Explaining the Concept of Global Warming to a Four Year Old


“Daddy, what’s global warming?”

“Well, that’s a pretty complicated question. Basically it means that the earth is slowly getting warmer and warmer over time.”


“Well humans keep releasing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, which build up and cause the suns energy to get trapped.”


“Hmmm. Ok, you know when you fart?”

“Yeah! Hee hee hee!”

“Yeah, I bet you do. Anyways, you know how when you’re in bed and you fart, it gets all warm and stinky in there?”

“Hee hee! Yeah!”

“Well that’s what humans are doing. We’re farting and farting and farting, and all of our farts are getting stuck in the atmosphere, which is like our bed blankets. And it’s making the earth all warm and stinky.”

“I get it!”

“Yeah! The technical term for this is ‘A Dutch Oven.’”

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Sticks and Stones…

Some of my more observant readers may have noticed that perched atop my site lies a Cracked banner, which amongst other things, contains links to various other Cracked blogs. A quick perusal of their sites reveal that they have been apparently been culled from the middle ranks of LiveJournal humour sites.

Normally these other bloggers don’t concern me too much, but because of one of my favorite hobbies (Googling myself), it’s come to my attention that these fellows have been talking about me. This didn’t catch me unexpected – in fact I outright encourage this sort of behavior. I am after all, fascinating. However, unlike the legion of Robotman fan sites and Robotman slash fiction sites that dot the Internet, these blogs have only been focusing on my unflattering traits, instead of, let’s say, my powerfully muscled ass.


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Top 10 Things To Do With a Box Of Hamsters


10: Strenuously claim to friends that although I am 27 years old the hamsters are in fact pets, and not for sex.

9: Misread urban legend, spend several hours attempting to get high by licking the back of hamsters.

8: Debate the merits of supply-side economics with staunchly conservative hamster pundits. Win debate by sealing pundits in transparent plastic ball; rolling down stairs.

hamster2.gif7: Place hamster in slingshot, stretch slingshot back as far as it can go, hold for 10 seconds then gently ease back on the tension. Explain to hamster that he has just learned an important lesson about trust.

6: Attempt to teach hamsters simple tricks, like “Fetch.” Start with small objects capable of being fetched by individual hamster, but imagine moving up to larger objects that require several hamsters acting in unison to fetch. Envision lively cocktail parties where drink trays are propelled across the floor by hamster teams; newspaper society columns declaring me Host of the Year. Grow bored with hamsters when “Fetch” training stalls. Forget about box of hamsters for two weeks.

5: Have adorable funeral for 3 hamsters that died of neglect. Make heartfelt promises about always caring for hamsters. Later decide promises were unrealistic, and made when emotions were running high, thus legally invalid. Dump out box of hamsters in backyard, let nature take its course.

4: Nature takes its course via its preferred technique of sweaty fucking. Backyard hamster population grows rapidly.

3: Become alarmed at large city of Hamsters that develops in backyard. Called Hamstropolis, and composed entirely of transparent plastic tubes, the Hamster civilization develops its technology rapidly.

2: 6 months later hear knock on back of door. Hamstropolis has since expanded largely underground so am shocked to find out hamsters have rapidly evolved. They are bipedal now, approximately 5 feet tall, and still adorable. The knock on my door was from Hamster emissaries come to treaty with me for trade rights. After lengthy negotiations centering around lettuce tarrifs, treaty is complete! Hamster emissaries explain how deals are concluded in their culture.

1: Sex with hamsters.

Chicken Vs. Egg Solved!


Over the last week or so I’ve seen on a few news sites that British scientists have just figured out the answer to an old dilemma: which came first, the chicken or the egg? The long and short of it is the egg came first, at least if you believe in evolution. The reasoning here is that a chicken can only come from a chicken egg, but a chicken egg CAN come from someone else, namely two almost-but-not quite-chickens having nasty not-chicken sex. If I lost you there, you can click the word immediately after this sentence for the gritty details. Moron.

So, why is this news? I thought it was well established that the chicken vs. egg debate was just a cute version of the evolution vs. creation debate. Creationists believe that on the 6th day God created chickens alongside the rest of the animal kingdom, like the koala bear, the spitting cobra, the humping giraffe, etc. Evolutionists counter that the egg came first, using the reasoning described above. And so, not willing to agree to disagree, over the last two centuries Evolutionists and Creationists have been waging this conflict the only way they know how: with mixed martial arts fighting tournaments.

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