The Top 19 Movie Blunders Of All Time


Eagle eyed readers might have seen a blog entry up Friday morning only to have it disappear shortly thereafter without any notice or explanation. These alert and not in any way hypothetical fans of mine would then likely have noticed the exact same article appearing on the front page of Cracked today: The Top 19 Movie Blunders Of All Time

Apparently the kind of untarnished hilariousness that falls out of my brain every 2 weeks or so was exactly what the elite comedy team at Cracked was looking for, so my blog entry got pilfered and now sits on the main Cracked site, under one of my mysterious and enigmatic pen names.

So if you haven’t read it yet, go do so now.

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Teenagers can’t spell and R dumb

So a friend of mine on a forum relates a story about a bizarre letter a friend of his found on a bus. It’s full of the usual teenage angst and petty adolescent troubles, but with a couple peculiarities. The spelling is remarkably bad, even for someone who is clearly English, but that’s not the main thing. It also features that most precious of all teenage writing devices, the made up quiz.

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