The Best (Worst) Fantasy & Sci-Fi Novel Covers


press_hat2.pngSome more ground breaking investigative reporting of mine is up on the main Cracked site. This time, wearing my hat with the word “Press” tucked firmly inside the hatband, and using that trustiest tool in a journalist’s utility belt, Google, I researched the stupidest looking novel covers I could find. As it turns out, they were all Fantasy and Science Fiction novels, which made titling the article a snap.

On a side note, I’m always on the lookout for more stupid images to make fun of, so if you own a digital camera and have a penchant for dressing up your pets like famous dictators, or just know a guy with a really good mustache, I’d love to know about it. Send your pix to me at:

One caveat: please don’t just raid some other websites cache of “wacky images.” Lord knows I can do that myself. Also, anyone sending me an image gets a free lifetime membership to this blog, which does not now, not will it ever make or charge any money. But still, free membership!

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