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VERY RARE! One (1) 1988 TOYOTA CELICA GT-4. THIS IS THE CAR THAT OTHER, LESSER CARS DREAM ABOUT! 2dr, Hatchback, White. Manual transmission, slightly rubbery – downshifts to 2nd are problematic. Engine: turbocharged 4 Cylinder – 190HP theoretically! In current state, we’ll call it an even 130. Leaks oil when in motion, stationary. Tape Deck. Radio works, as does heater, although not at the same time, and neither while traveling uphill. Minor gas leak when accelerating or turning right. Needs new passenger side floor mat, power steering motor. Passenger side power window goes down but not up. Sunroof exists, but if opened, there is a strong possibility it will never close again. Has not been opened in 6 years.

Price: Have invested over $150 in maintenance over last 3 years (mostly oil and power steering fluid. Also 1 windshield wiper), hope to get that back.

SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY. Contact with offers.



11 thoughts on “Car For Sale

  1. while i cannot pony up the $150 you’re asking for, i can offer you an autographed picture of John Stamos (signed by my sister), a DVD copy of Waterworld, and my entire pog collection(i have upwards of 7 pogs) as a barter. how do you feel about that?

  2. My friend had a Celica once. (awkward silence). I think I stumbled into the wrong conversation. (back away inconspicuously). I’ll be at the bar.

  3. The late model Celicas do have an awesome spaceship like quality, unfortunately the 88′ model has more the aesthetic quality of an origami box.

    Can I put in an offer of two cans of Billy beer and a signed picture of Jenna Jameson?

  4. Lord knows I’m a fan of novelty beer and fading porn actresses, but sadly, the Celica is no longer in my possession.

    As I broadly hinted at in this other piece, about a month ago, I went shopping for a car that wasn’t quite so 20 years old.

    I’m now the proud of owner of an ’02 Mazda Protege5, which is a bit slower, a lot better handling, and doesn’t leak gas or oil. The dealer accepted the GT-4 as a trade in, which probably says something about fools and their money, but I’m not sure what.

  5. Tell me, what would be worth more to you? $150, plus some skin I scraped off Richard Dean Anderson’s hand, or……..

    A Chuck Norris action figure, with Roundhouse Kick than can actually kill at 40 feet?

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