Rootin Tootin Cracked Blog Round-up

rootin.jpgLooking back on my life, there appear to be three great ironies that define it:

1) I’m a cat person, but cat’s don’t seem to care much for me at all.
2) I have a beautiful singing voice, but hate all music.
3) There was also that 3 year typewriter-repair apprenticeship program I enrolled in shortly before the typewriter-repair industry collapsed.

Recently though, another incongruity has popped up: Although this blog has been a tumbleweed-strewn wasteland for much of the last few months, in truth I’m probably writing more now than I ever have been. For the last six months or so, once a week, every week, I’ve been posting on the Cracked blog with my thoughts on video games or recent episodes of Heroes. However in recent weeks, I’ve been covering less geeky, and more manly, bare-chested issues. I’ve managed to churn out some pretty interesting stuff too, if I do say so myself. They’re all linked below. Although some of the older ones are now comically out of date (Woo! Cloverfield speculation!) hopefully you’ll still be able to find some chestnuts contained therein.

Using the power of reason, I have deduced what the monster in Cloverfield is.

Macworld Rumour Update: Apple to release Apple branded products!

Nintendo Products to form the basis of a new utopic society

The 8 Awesomest/Stupidest Lego creations to cover appear on this blog

An idiots guide to Super Tuesday

eBay sellers furious with eBay, plan to stop using eBay for several hours

Now Hump the HD-DVD player!

Americans change religions approximately as often as they change long distance plans

Fucking military has fucking ray gun. Fuck.

Pedophilia is now a sin, so knock it off fellas

Cracked rates

Should Cracked boycott the Beijing Olympics?

The 25 Most Insane Protester Signs

Regular readers of Cracked will probably recognize this piece from a few weeks back: The 25 most insane protester signs. I don’t think I remembered to link it over here when it went up though. So I’m doing so now. It’s pretty good. As you can probably tell by the title, there’s lots of crazy protester signs, and also at least one floppy penis on display.

For those of you dieing for regular Robotman updates, know that I still post regularly over on the Cracked blogs every Tuesday morning. I’ll compile all the recent ones into a big link-dump here, but if you like reading your topical incest-jokes hot off the press, you should definitely head over that way for your fix.