About Chris Bucholz

This is the main Internet zone of me, Chris Bucholz, noted comedy and video game writer. I’m the author of the science fiction novels Severance and Freeze/Thaw, and have written for a number of current and upcoming video games, including Star Control: Origins , Sorcerer King, and Galactic Civilizations III.

For many, many years I was also a columnist and editor at Cracked.com, and if you want to read a simply voluminous amount of comedy, you can check out my column archive over there. To the right are links to my old blog entries, which although a little dated now, are still pretty great; I also invite you to wet your beak within. For those of you with limited time for beak-wetting, I’ve picked out some of my personal favorites here. 

If while browsing around here you come across something that you really actively hate, boy do I ever want to hear about it. Feel free to get in touch with me via Twitter or Facebook or email at: chrisbucholz@gmail.com.