Japanese Movie Posters for Die Hard

A couple cute jokes about Japanese translations of English movies. Normally I’m above stuff like this, because making fun of the Japanese is a little like shooting fish in a barrel. Except instead of fish, you’re shooting a perverted businessman, and instead of shooting him in a barrel you’re shooting him beside a vending machine that sells schoolgirls used panties.

Actually, now that I think about it, I guess I’m not above stuff like this. Huh.





22 thoughts on “Japanese Movie Posters for Die Hard

  1. Wow, could those posters be more fake? It would only be marginally amusing were they real, but right now the only thing laughable is the photoshop “skills”.

  2. the funniest thing about this post is the posters. and they are not funny. the least funny thing is the indroductary bollocks. you sir, should be teabagged.

  3. They’re not supposed to be real. They’re supposed to be stupid…which they are. Made me laugh nonetheless.

  4. “crappy photoshop jokes should be presented as such.”

    They are presented as photoshop jokes, dumbass. Read the fucking description before the god damned photos.

  5. For those that can’t tell, the posters are about 50/50 real/shopped. Do you think that a Japanese poster would have the title and tagline in English? Well, no.

    Let me add that it is killing me that this shows up way way above my sites for Japanese movie posters on Google. Way to go pagerank!

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