Embarrassing Screenshots


Unless you’ve obtained a copy of the extremely rare and out of print hardcover version of this website, I’m guessing you’re reading this on a computer. And as a fellow computer user, I’m pretty confident in saying that you do some pretty sick shit on that computer when you think no-one is looking. You probably thank God we don’t live in a nightmarish vision of the future where our most embarrassing moments are documented in a secret government screenshot database. Or do we?

Follow me down the rabbit hole…

These images are pretty large, so they’re going to pop up in a new window. Cool? Cool.

Oh dear…

Why don’t you just call it what it is?

What would you do, if I sang out of tune…

I originally made this one as a joke, but now I wonder…


2 thoughts on “Embarrassing Screenshots

  1. loved the fellatio image. the kirk spock stuff made me remember “you can never UNSEE something you have seen or read on the internet”

    goatse anyone?


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