Another Cracked Blog Omnibus

Yes I’m still alive. No I haven’t been on vacation (right.) No I haven’t stopped writing. Stop asking so many questions.

Here’s some more Cracked blog updates I’ve written for you, the Robotman starved masses:

Black Men are after our women: Vogue

Surprisingly Ineffectual: 100 French Cops on Rollerblades

Cracked purchases Marilyn Monroe blowjob tape

15 cool things to do with your helicopter

11 Grand Theft Anecdotes

A big day for pornography in Cuba

Ironman Insurance

Urine Attack! Set Terror Condition Yellow!

Baseless Indiana Jones 5 Speculation. (Warning, this article contains just a spectacular amount of penis.)

Metal Gear Solid 4 may or may not have insanely long cut scenes.

20 reasons the Metal Gear Solid games suck.

Airplane movie reviews: Cloverfield and Vantage Point

How to Get a Teenage Girl Pregnant.

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  1. listen, do the pictures you post seriously have to be progressively more homo erotic?

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