15 Reasons Canada is better than your country

Normally making two posts in a single week on this blog is an amount of effort I’d only employ in the direst of circumstances. Something on the order of the sun exploding, and the only channel for communicating critical public service announcements was this blog.

So what brings this on? My latest post over at Cracked, 15 Reasons Canada is better than your country is time-sensitive in the way that only annual events can be, thanks to the immutable laws of the Calendar. And seeing as I’ve gotten in the habit of posting my Cracked blog posts here several months after they happen, that’d mute its impact somewhat when I eventually posted it. Or so goes my thinking. And seeing as I’m so patriotic and ill that my urine has the same smell and consistency as pure maple syrup, I consider that unacceptable.

Anyways I hope you enjoy it.

4 thoughts on “15 Reasons Canada is better than your country

  1. I continue checking here for blog updates, but they never come. Why? Why do I continue checking for updates that never come? My heart is broken…

  2. no, canada is not better.

    sorry, those who talk like that are trying to convince others… probably because of some underlying defecency issue.

    thus… you feel as if you must prove something… the foundation of inadequecy!


    thus again proving such that… no, canada is not better, in so many ways.

  3. Ha! You are proof as to why my country, the USA, is better than your country. The proof? You could only come up with 15 reasons why Canada is better than the USA.

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