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Well hopefully everyone enjoyed my apparently annual tradition of “forgetting I run a blog” that seems to happen around here every December or so. My apologies. If it’s any consolation for you, I have managed to get all 120 stars in Super Mario Galaxy, and can now play many Guitar Hero songs on Hard. You don’t see that kind of drive and commitment towards video gaming in today’s liberal media.

While I get back up to speed with my writing, I’ll bring you up to date with everything I’ve done over on the Cracked blogs during the last couple months. There was a whole slew of posts in November and December concerning the last few episodes of Heroes, plus some insightful and semi-pornographic posts on the state of the video game industry. It’s all really cracking stuff, even if it is a little out of date. Whether linking it here two months after it was written is akin to “aging a fine wine”, or “leaving milk out to spoil” I’ll leave for you to decide.

Heroes Episode 9 Recap and Analysis

Heroes Episode 10 Recap and Analysis

Heroes Episode 11 Recap and Analysis

October NPD Video Game Sales Analysis

November NPD Video Game Sales Analysis

Powerful Men Have Decided You Shall Not Get a Wii this Christmas (I really liked this one, and it got a ton of comments. If you’re going to ignore everything here but one post, make this that one not-ignored post)

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  1. you know, i certainly wish i wasn’t greeted by a mans bulge every time i checked your blog to see if you posted something new… so for god sakes update just once more this lifetime.

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