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angrycomputer.gifSo evidently while I wasn’t looking, half the Internet visited my blog. The prime reason for this was my old piece, So I Guess I Got Kicked Off Another My Little Pony Forum, which got Dugg a little over 7000 times a couple weeks ago. I guess that means most people liked it, although aside from filling my comments section with unadulterated craziness, none of them stuck around for very long.

That might have had something to do with my front page. For those that did enjoy my work enough to browse around a bit, they were immediately and repeatedly confronted with the image of a beef missile on the top of the front page, firmly emplaced there by my lack of updates. Which is half embarrassing, and half really fitting, because if any one sentence could be used to describe this blog, it’d probably have to be “Infrequently Updated Near-Gay Porn.”

As for the lunatic My Little Pony comments, it would appear the vast majority were either congratulating me for ruining some poor guy’s forum, or angry with me for posting something so blatantly photoshopped. Why the world is so delighted to see someone ruin someone’s else’s website is a bit of a mystery to me, although I suspect it has something to do with that Ashton Kutcher punk.

I’ve also recently learned another lesson in audience expectations, thanks to a surge in popularity for my Japanese Die Hard Posters piece. I originally made those things almost three years ago while hanging out on a forum in a thread entitled “Photoshop Up some Foreign Movie Posters” or similar. Everyone there seemed to think these Die Hard posters were cute and clever, and applauded the gusto and élan with which I poked fun at the Japanese, again.

So when I started the blog, I slapped those online, and they sat there, basically ignored until this weekend. Someone else on the Internet has evidently linked the piece, and also titled it “Authentic Japanese Die Hard Posters! These are very real!” I’m guessing. Which resulted in a small army of people visiting the piece, then shitting all over it for being photoshopped. Again, just for the record, basically nothing on this site is real, except for that trip to IKEA, which was truthfully for more harrowing than I’ve related so far.

One last thing: to the commenter jesus, and his request that I update my blog to remove the bulge so prominently displayed on the front page…


9 thoughts on “Welcome Internet!

  1. Finally, an update! I’ve been keeping track of your witty and humorous posts for as long as I can remember, which is probably about a year or so… I guess my memory isn’t that good. Anyway, I feel somewhat smug now, because I’ve been around since the beginning and I can tell the newbies, “Hey, I liked Robotman before he was popular!” Please keep up the good work and the good near-gay porn.

  2. Hey Chris B (Robotman) your my little pony article was funny and was how I discovered you.

    I think the idea you had behind Hasbro not making mlp’s out of human skulls since the 60’s was incredibly funny.

    Not to mention your article “eBay Sellers furious with eBay, plan to stop using eBay for several hours” on Cracked.com with it’s Third Reich marital aids. You can never have enough references to Hitler and gay sex in the same article.

    Excellent stuff, keep it coming.

  3. This blog is so freaking funny!!! I discover it with the my little pony post and that was the funniest thing I ever seen in a forum, I almost peed laughing. It was a good idea to take the screenshoots when banned cause is funnier to guess what the hell did you write to get that angry answers lol
    Now this is gonna be one of my top visited blogs.
    Congratulations from spain :D

  4. This whole fucking article is photoshopped, you ASSHOLE!

    Congrats on all the i-fame, did the welcome basket of cheap blow and smelly hookers arrive yet?

  5. I discovered your blog on Digg with the “MyLittlePony” spoof… I haven’t laughed that hard since well, in a long time.

    I immediately bookmarked your blog and check it almost daily, you should consider doing shirts, Id buy one.

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