The 6 Most Overhyped Technologies


Ok, I probably should have linked this here when I wrote it back in December, but for anyone who missed it, here’s my most recent main Cracked article: The 6 Most Overhyped Technologies.

I don’t believe any of the information contained within said article is time-sensitive, although if that turns out not to be the case, I apologize for ruining your Christmas.

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One thought on “The 6 Most Overhyped Technologies

  1. I enjoyed the article! I have one incredibly valuable note: “whence” means”from where”, so you it’s better not to say “from whence” as it would mean “from from where”. It is possible to say “from whence”, but not as effective… and, because it sounds less archaic, not as funny. Thus, it is not “to drive Dick Cheney back into the sea from whence he came,” but “to drive Dick Cheney back into the sea whence he came.”

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