Extremely Stupid TV Shows


“Robotman,” I hear you asking, “it’s been weeks since you’ve examined someone else’s work, and made fun of it mercilessly. Oh how we miss the way you find something that a real live person, with their own hopes and dreams, has built up from nothing, and taken that thing and dashed it against the rocks for the cheap thrills of the slavering crowds below. What’s wrong? Can you no longer stand to look at yourself in the mirror in the morning, standing amongst the wreckage of other people’s work? Are you distracted by something external? Bad gas? A problem in the bedroom? A problem in the bedroom caused by bad gas?”

No, I’ve just been busy. But funny that you asked, because my latest and greatest piece for Cracked, The 13 Most Ridiculous TV Shows To Ever Get Green-Lit has just gone online. That has many of the things you’re looking for.

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One thought on “Extremely Stupid TV Shows

  1. I have to say this–there are at least two shows you’ve missed.

    The first is The Charmings–an old favorite of my sister featuring Snow White and Prince Charming, somehow brought to modern America with their kids, a single dwarf and the Wicked Witch stepmother.

    Second, and far more surprising, is the Canadian crap-fest that is Manimal. Vaguely British guy can turn into any animal (mostly a black panther) using the same cheap-o special effect every week (roughly 8 of them).

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