New Mascot

So today while I was out scouring the Internet looking for people talking about me and my blog, I stumbled upon this after typing “creepy robot” into Google.


It would appear that the Japanese have managed to build an advanced new robot called the CM2. Representing a new peak in the field of robotics, and a new nadir in the field of common sense, the CM2 has all the physical capabilities of a toddler, combined with the warm approachability of an enema bag.

Aside from proving once again why we should never, ever leave the Japanese unattended, this robot raises an interesting intellectual question. Why is it so unsettling? It turns out there’s already a name for what’s going on here – and inevitably, a Wikipedia entry. It’s called the ‘Uncanny Valley theorem,’ and basically states that people will tend to think robots are cute and attractive until they start to look too much like humans, at which point we’ll be repulsed by them. It’s called a valley because eventually, given enough time and technological development, the robots will look so similar to humans that we’ll find them tolerable again.


Seeing as deeply unsettling images are what this blog is all about, I’ve decided to make little CM2 here the official mascot of That should be a much more enjoyable task for him than his intended purpose: teaching children how to not fall into the toilet. What do you think about that CM2?


Hey wow thanks! And can you believe he only wants to be paid in human skin? I’d have to be stupid not to do this.

UPDATE: Here’s some video of my new mascot in action:

5 thoughts on “New Mascot

  1. It actually looks an awful lot like Bonhomme Carnavale, the official mascot of the frozen Quebecois version of Mardi Gras.

  2. Honestly, at 1:30 seconds to about 1:38, that’s the cutest damn thing I’ve ever seen.

  3. Yeah that’s a valley I’m not looking forward on going down, but the end result will be beautiful babilicious bots to do my laundry and other household chores.

    This current thing looks like a Michael Jackson Cloning project gone to shit.

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