Dramatic Chipmunk

So a few days ago I saw this: (Thanks Johnny for the link.)

Honestly, I haven’t laughed that hard at something on the Internet in a long time. It’s a little humbling knowing that for all the effort I go to writing sharp, insightful, unnecessarily scatological comedy, that at any given second I could be blown out of the water by a 5 second video of a chipmunk turning around suddenly.

C’est la vie.

Anyways, along those lines, and in the interest of padding this post out a bit, I’ll share a few other things that have amused the holy bejeezus out of me lately:



Chris Onstad writes the best comic on the Internet, bar none. Brilliant dialog, hilarious gags and some of the most memorable characters you’ll ever find in fiction anywhere. I actually almost displayed real human emotions when reading a strip a few weeks ago where a couple of the characters got engaged. It really is that good.

The one thing about Achewood that everyone I know has mentioned is that it can be pretty hard to get in to. A person will have it recommended to them, so they’ll go check out a couple comics, and not get any of the jokes. Meanwhile a long time fan will read the same comics and think they’re brilliant. There’s something about the dialog and humour that doesn’t pay off if the characters are new to you. Everyone has this issue when they’re new to Achewood.

The only way I know of to really appreciate it is to go into the archive, and start reading it from the very beginning. It’s a little slow at first – some of the key characters aren’t introduced for a few months – but it seriously pays off.

So set aside a couple days of your time and check it out. I can’t recommend it highly enough.


Brad Neely

Brad Neely makes incredible videos. I first found out about him thanks to his legendary Washington piece. Watch this right now. It is awesome.

He’s also got a bunch of similarly themed videos up on superdeluxe.com. The Professor Brothers ones are particularly hilarious.

Neely was also the guy that did the “Wizard People, Dear Reader” alternate soundtrack to the first Harry Potter movie. It’s this really cool lo-fi concept where you put on the Harry Potter DVD, mute it, and play this alternate soundtrack in the background. On it Neely narrates his own version of the events occurring on the screen:


But Harry, Harry has gained control and is after that Snitch like a fucking rocket. Ziff! The Slytherin seeker has been after it for a while but I feel bad for him, ‘cause he is stupid, and Harry is a rocketized animal who will stop at nothing. Yes, they crash each other as the Snitch leads them down, straight down into certain doom. Yes they’re going to crash but Harry loves death, he says “Bring it on.” Harry is like a demon long dead with nothing else to lose. The weak-ass Slytherin turns away, but Harry pulls up just in time. He is standing on his broom like it’s an extension of his body. He reaches out, almost having the Snitch, and falls.

Oh my God! Is Harry going to vomit? Of course not! Like a leopard, Harry used his voracious mouth as his catcher. He’s got the snitch in his animal belly, and pop! It’s out! They’ve won! One hundred thousand points for fucking Gryffindor!

The crowd goes absolutely bezonkers! The champions in red and yellow are the victors. Harry is spent. The crowd is destroying its throats, calling Harry’s name. Harry feels right with himself. He’s down there, a new god who has found his calling.

He holds up the Snitch and bellows: “I am a beautiful animal! I am a destroyer of worlds! I am Harry Fucking Potter!” And dear reader, at last, the world was quiet.


The man’s a comedy genius. If you’re already familiar with the first Harry Potter story, you can enjoy listening to it on it’s own. I like to listen to it on the bus. You can download that here.

So there you have it folks. Some of the funniest and most original comedy you’ll find on the Internet, and a chipmunk that trumps it all.

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