Which Heroes Character Are You Most Like?


Every morning you wake up in your ordinary bed. You brush your ordinary teeth, put on your ordinary pants, and go to your ordinary job, where you sell mattresses to ordinary people.

But what if fate held something greater for you? What if somewhere a maverick Indian scientist was studying your DNA – copies of which are readily available in India – and discovered that you have a genetic marker that gives you great power? Maybe you can fly. Maybe you have a tail. Maybe you have the ability to always know when pasta’s done. Wouldn’t that be great? Man, those ass-clowns down at Mattress Larry’s would give you some respect then!

Well dream no longer friend! Using advanced Computer technology, I’ve managed to cobble together the only personality test on the Internet capable of identifying which Heroes character you’re most like. While you wait for your latent abilities to manifest, you can imagine that you’re a character on a popular television show, having all sorts of incredible adventures with your clear skin and attractive bone structure.


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4 thoughts on “Which Heroes Character Are You Most Like?

  1. Damn, I forgot who I scored as. I remember I was doing the survey, and then I started thinking about my great gas mileage and surprising affordability… oh yeah, that’s right. Ando.

  2. Everyone emits radiation, generally in the infrared (i.e., heat.) There’s also radioactive potassium in our bones, and radioactive carbon throughout our body.

    Just thought I’d point that out.

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