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13 thoughts on “Yahoo! Unhelpful Answers

  1. While your brilliance might have served the A-Team well, Hannibal, I disagree with you on this point.

    The rude answers make it funny AND make cockhat a complete cockhat. Silly questions would have been just been silly and would have gotten old very fast.

  2. Frelling brilliant man.

    This is what disappoints me about my generation. We’re dumb, and we don’t want to admit it. Either that, or we think it’s cool to be dumb; but when it comes to getting laid, or passing a class so we can get wasted on a friday night; WE NEED ANSWERS ASAP!!!

    I love your sarcasm. Almost exactly how I would’ve responded to each question.

  3. Seriously. What the hell? Are people actually this stupid?

    “What direction is New Orleans from San Antonio?”

    … Umm, maybe EAST? If he’s smart enough to type out “New Orleans” correctl, I think he’s smart enough to know what the USA looks like.

  4. DURRRRR learn to read idiot.

    He knew that, making the answer to the question (what direction is New Orleans *from* San Antonio) EAST, as stated.

  5. Duh, New Orleans is below sea level so the CORRECT answer to what direction it is from San Antonio is DOWN.

    Come on people, does no one remember all the people needing FEMA checks? Have we come so far as a nation that we cannot remember those in need…..of FEMA checks?

  6. would have been funnier if you actually answered questions like that instead of photoshopping them

  7. Okay, you just made my day. Hell, you made my week. I’ll be back to waste more precious and irretrievable moments of my life.


  8. All funny answers – the funniest part though was the sudden thumbs up for the weed answer.

  9. Dammit, yes. This made my day. I especially love the Thumbs up Thumbs down responses.

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