I would like to marry a sandwich


Mmmmmmm, that’s a good sandwich. Excuse me for a second as I do some thinking aloud.

Let’s just say that, hypothetically, some sort of landmark Biblical loophole was discovered, and a marriage between man and sandwich was permissible (here I’m assuming that the sandwiches family is Catholic.) Well then I wonder what that marriage would look like?

Would it look like this?





Well that ends that strange and haunting vision of the future. I briefly considered photoshopping up a picture of the cast of Law and Order : Special Victims Unit and a sandwich with a black eye, but I decided that that would be in poor taste.

Unlike the sandwich. Go eat one now.

Now that’s what I call bringing an article full circle.


5 thoughts on “I would like to marry a sandwich

  1. i would marry a sandwhich…but only if it was a giant samwhich…or else id lose it..im listning to a song about sandwiches

  2. Make sure you don’t throw rice at the wedding, or your sandwich bride will get horribly jealous.

    There’s some major beef within the starch food group…

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