The 25 Most Baffling Toys in the World


Another main page Cracked article of mine has gone up, this time a thorough examination of the strangest toys I could find from across the globe. It’s called The 25 Most Baffling Toys in the World and I think you’ll really like it. People have been Digging the hell out of it all day, although that might just be because they’re trying to get into the good books of toy robot Jesus.

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A panopoly of Heroes analyses


Hopefully all of you Heroes dorks have been following my regular updates on the show over on the Cracked blogs. For any of you that haven’t though, yet feel compelled to keep tabs on every single thing that I’ve been writing, there’s been three updates since I last rapped at you.

Episode 6 Recap and Analysis

Episode 7 Recap and Analysis

Episode 8 Recap and Analysis

I’m a little disappointed that I’m now a guy that takes notes while watching TV, which isn’t really where I imagined by life ending up. To be fair, up till about the age of 25, I was pretty sure I was going to be a freelance fighter pilot, so I’d already kind of set myself up for disappointment.

Renting a Video

“Can we rent this one?” My girlfriend handed me a DVD case. I read it aloud, “The Boys and girl from County Clare.” She smiled expectantly.

“This isn’t one of those movies where there’s characters that have issues, but then after much discussion they eventually come to terms with them, is it?” I asked. “I hate it when characters come to terms with things.”

“Just look at it,” she prods.


I eyeball the case suspiciously, then flip it over and read the back. “It says here that this movie is charming and delightful. I can’t tell you how wary I am of a movie that is purportedly both charming and delightful. It’s like they’re trying to do too much.”

“It’s about fiddling!” she says excitedly, ignoring my well reasoned arguments. “And probably dancing!” On a scale from 0 to 10, where 0 is how much I like dancing movies, and 10 is how much she likes dancing movies, she ranks a 10.

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The Least Relevant Video Game Blog on the Internet


Last Friday I posted my thoughts on the September video game sales data in North America over on the Cracked Blog. For those of you that aren’t colossal video game nerds, this is a monthly ritual across the Internet. As there’s no bandwagon too big nor too small for Cracked to not clamber on board, we decided to throw our hat into the ring as well. If you’re so inclined, you should definitely go check it out.

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Heroes Epsiode 4 Recap and Analysis


So my latest Heroes analysis is up on the Cracked blogs right now. I managed to work in the phrase “leotard-clad ass kicking” which was immensely gratifying for me as a writer.

I’m also going to see if I can get my blog updates over at Cracked to populate in a sidebar over here, so I don’t have to make a new post every time. That will probably involve an RSS feed and Technology. I’ll see what I can do.

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