About Chris Bucholz

This is the main Internet zone of me, Chris Bucholz. My work appears regularly in Cracked, Twitter, and, if you give me a chance, your dreams.

Here you’ll find links to my various writings, news on upcoming projects, and if public taste shifts that way, graphic tales of sexual predation among eighteenth century mariners. Information on my novel, Severance, can be found here. If you’re looking for my latest comedy articles, the place to go is my column archive at Cracked. To the right are links to my old blog entries, which although a little dated now, are still pretty great; I invite you to wet your beak within. For those of you with limited time for beak-wetting, check out The Best Stuff for my most popular articles from Cracked and the blog.

If while browsing around here you come across something that you really actively hate, feel free to let me know via Twitter or Facebook or email at: chrisbucholz@gmail.com.